September 8, 2014 ZoeDanielsFrontEndResume

Make Your Resume Good Already

Okay, so first off, there are things that I need to fix on my resume. (Why are there no dates for anything?) And I will fix them when I’m looking for another job. But right now I am happily employed in recruitment at a tech company and so let me tell you the things that… View Article

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July 3, 2014

What’s in an AJAX call?

So, you’ve made your first AJAX call. You got some data back. Maybe you made a web app. Congratulations! I know that in the beginning of coding it often happens that someone tells you “Here, just do this this way. It works.” The keen new developer may be screaming “BUT WHY DOES IT WORK!? WHAT… View Article

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June 23, 2014

Hackathon: Bad name! Fun time!

Dear amalgamated Internet, I went to my first real hackathon last weekend. It was the funnest. Most of my social media accounts and choked with toady praises, and even I find this repulsive. Oh well, live ‘n’ learn, right? LOL xoxox luv ya, see you at the end of the summer! Z

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May 16, 2014

How to Make a Chrome Extension to Fix Something Sucky on the Internet

I read my horoscope on AstrologyZone  every month because I enjoy  vague, poorly-constructed palliative prose.  It’s pretty embarrassing to read your horoscope, but it’s even more embarrassing to do it on a website that looks like this: Yes, that’s a flickering candle. I know that the majority of the shame I feel comes from caring about how a planet representing a… View Article

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May 4, 2014

Shortcut for Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts

CTRL C CTRL V on to a Post-it next to your cool guy standing desk. CTRL apple arrow          to bubble text up and down CTRL L                           to select an entire line CTRL ?                           to comment a line CTRL apple F              … View Article

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April 20, 2014

Is Web Development Bad For The Environment?

No, right? I’ve read enough speculative fiction to know that eventually machines will occupy all the arable land on earth and humans will starve to death in their underground resistance pods, but what about, like, my lifetime? As I’ve been explaining my reasons for attending HackerYou, I’ve found myself talking about the apparent low environmental impact of web development. About how there is great satisfaction in… View Article

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