Hackathon: Bad name! Fun time!

June 23, 2014

Dear amalgamated Internet,

I went to my first real hackathon last weekend. It was the funnest. Most of my social media accounts and choked with toady praises, and even I find this repulsive. Oh well, live ‘n’ learn, right? LOL
xoxox luv ya, see you at the end of the summer!
Z<3e Barf. But seriously, I did get to go to the most appropriate hackathon for my skill set and it made me feel like a goddamn giantess. It was called Comedy Hack Day and it was put on by Cultivated Wit. Based on the videos on CHD’s website, I knew the project I pitched had to:
1. be a reasonably interesting use of the technologies available.
(Since my areas of comfort are HTML, CSS, JS, and APIs, a web app it was.)
2. have comedic depth. (A web app that tells you how big your dick is but always returns “TINY, BRO! HAHAHA”, is not– haha wait ok brb gonna make that.)
3. look nice. (Anyone who thinks design isn’t important is blinded by their turtleneck Cool Swag Sailor/How To Meet Ladies graphic t. “But design’s superficial! It’s emotional! And… it’s important?” Yup. EAT IT.)

And so, Dad 2.0 was born.
Anyway, we ended up making a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts. Select a problem, pick a dad, get a palliative statement to bolster your emotional wellbeing. We used three APIs – one readymade from The Guardian and two ripped with Kimono Labs. The first ripped one was from the Kate Spade website (we tried Tiffany’s and the site’s not structured in a way to be conducive to kimonoifying, we found) and the second was from YouTube. Now, I know YouTube has it’s own API, but that API uses OAuth and since neither Sarah nor I had experience with it, we improvised in favor of spending more time on the other parts of the project. We had a problem getting each of the ajax calls to go out with the click of each dad instead of just every time anything was clicked but after a bit of rejiggering, it all worked fine.

We presented our app to our fellow hackers and were then voted into the final round of presentations (v. big surprise, much smile). So then we presented on stage at Littlefield (essentially a cool garage in Brooklyn). The video of said presentation may well be up soon, and if it is, there shall be more toady tweets about it.

Okay, this is what I’m saying: I made something I’m proud of that I wouldn’t have made otherwise, I felt really capable and met a bunch of people who like the same shit as me and we got drunk together. That is friendship. THAT IS GREAT.

In sum: Go to a hackathon. If someone is a douche to you they were probably a douche to someone else and you douched-upon people can bond over that.

Tell me what you think!

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